Add Backblaze B2 in iPic

Backblaze B2 is almost the cheapest online storage now. For more introductions, please refer to Backblaze B2’s official site.

Add Backblaze B2 in iPic

Open iPic’s Preferences, clicks Image Host, and add Backblaze B2.

Here is the introductions for all parts:

  • Bucket
    • Same with the bucket in Backblaze B2
      • 注意:添加 Bucket 时,权限需要选择 Public,不然别人无法访问,则无法作为图床使用。
    • Note: when create Bucket, should set the File in Bucket as Public, otherwise users can’t access the image in Bucket via url.
  • Access Key and Secret Key
    • They’re the keyID and applicationKey of Backblaze B2 Application Key. Refer to Backblaze B2’s Application Keys.
    • Note: When create the App Key, should include the Write permission at least.
  • Http Prefix

After fill all the parts, clicks the Validate button. If all the information above is correct, you can see the link of Passed in the right.

Beside the basic configuration above, Backblaze B2 also supports several advanced ones. Click the ‘Advanced’ button in right of Http Prefix, you can see the following setting page.

  • Http Prefix
    • Same with what ever introduced.
  • Filename Prefix
    • Could understand as the folder in Backblaze B2
    • For example, if you want iPic upload all images in blog folder, just input blog here. The image link will like
    • Note: If you enable File name prefix when create App Key, the Filename Prefix key should includes the File name prefix at least.
  • Filename
    • The filename saved in Backblaze B2. Now iPic supports these 3 kinds of filename.
    • Only Filename e.g., pic.jpg
    • Date-Filename e.g., 2023-06-16-pic.jpg
    • Random e.g., jk8l1.jpg, could help to shorten the link.
  • Http Suffix
    • Any characters in the end of the link.

After all, clicks Apply to save.