iPaste - Lightweight and Efficient Clipboard Tool

iPaste for iOS & macOS

iPaste is a lightweight and efficient clipboard tool. You can sync clipboard with your iPhone, iPad and Mac via iCloud, which is FREE.

iPaste for macOS

1. Lightweight

Only appears in menu bar. You can even hide the menu bar icon.

2. Efficient

All the paste operations support shortcut.

iPaste’s global shortcuts:

Shortcut Feature
⇧⌘V Show history
⌃⌘V Paste as plain text
⌃⌘A/B/C Show clipboard history group

iPaste menu’s shortcuts:

Shortcut Feature
⇧⌘E Edit clipboard history
1/2/3 Paste clipboard history
A/B/C Paste pinned clipboard history
⌘A/B/C Show clipboard history group

Of course you can modify them in Preferences.

How to Pin the history you frequently use?

Just press Option key after the history menu appears, and then select corresponding history item to Pin or Unpin.

3. Powerful

Support text, image, file and any other formats to paste into any macOS App.

4. Flexible

Flexibly edit clipboard history.

Here shows how to add Emoji group and quick paste Emoji.

Shortcut to edit clipboard history:

Shortcut Feature
⇧⌘N New group
⌘N New
⌃⌘⇡ Move up
⌃⌘⇣ Move down
⌘⌫ Delete
Expand selected group
Collapse selected group

5. Clever

Support start at login.
Exclude security Apps like KeyChain, 1Password, Hider, etc.

iPaste for iOS

1. Groups & Formats

Like iPaste for macOS, you can use groups to organize unlimited clippings, with support for text, image and file.

2. Today Widget

After add iPaste widget in Today/Notification, you can copy clippings with one tap and then quickly paste wherever you need.

You can also sync clipboard history in Today widget.

E.g., copy anything in your Mac when iPaste for macOS running, and then turn to your iPhone and open Today View, it will appear in iPaste widget.

3. Drag & Drop

It will be very convenient to drag and drop in your iPad.

  • Enable split view in your iPad.
  • Drag anything into iPaste to save it.
  • Drop anything into your App to insert.

  • Note: You iPad needs to update to iOS 11 and supports multitasking.


iPaste is free but you can also upgrade to Pro account for premium features. You will enjoy how iPaste increases your productivity. Download and have a try!

If you think iPaste is helpful, welcome to rate iPaste on App Store and leave a small review. You want to share iPaste to your friends? Cool!

If you met problem or want iPaste to be improved follow your ways, please feel free to contact me.

Look forward to your message.